FIFA World Cup

The last time the cup was around I was in grade 8 coming to grade nine. Its crazy to think that 4 years has past so fast. I am rooting on the Netherlands and I hope they do well this year. Especially because they got so close last year it would be nice to see them hold a victory. I would hate to see Spain take it again! They have won the last two and it is getting ridiculous to see them keep winning every year. They were such a strong team the last two years but they have lost a couple key players for this cup so I feel they will not make it to the cup this year. I think Italy and Netherlands will be in the finals. It will be interesting to see what happens with these games in the next few weeks.  The next World Cup Ill be almost done university hopefully, and Im sure that will come just as fast.


Exam Week

The year has gone by fast and it is crunch time with these exams. Most of us are on our way to university or college which carry requirements on what marks we must finalize with. My school work has not been prioritized since I got accepted and because of it I am now forced to finish assignments at the last minute. To put that all together I also got sick this weekend so my luck has been far from good this week. I am excited to be graduating because this is a start to a new beginning at Ryerson. I understand that the road will get rockier but I am hoping that my motivation will build to be successful. This exam week will be a long week. Waking up early, going to bed late will be the normal routine. I have no doubt that if I FOCUS for this last week that I will breeze through it. I must keep reminding myself that it is almost over and that if I don’t do well that it could be devastating to my acceptance. One more week and it will be the end of my high school journey. This journey has taught me many lessons and it will carry on with the memories I have made throughout the year. My journey to my career in life is one step closer and the way that things have played out it will come in no time. 

Prom 2014


Good people and good vibes but Prom wasn’t all it was cut out to be. I had fun but it was extravagant. At the end of the day I went to prom because 1 my girlfriend made me, and 2 I would regret not going to prom more then going to prom. Anyway it is definitely an experience that will bring memories to the things that happened there and previous thing that led up to it (like my promposal) but although it wasn’t amazing I am still glad I went.


Not wanting to know

Not want to be seen
Not wanting to be heard
Not wanting to be have feeling
Not wanting to show emotion
Not wanting to cry or scream
Not even wanting to smile
Not wanting to know the truth
Not wanting to face the truth
Not wanting to be in this reality

But all I see

all i hear

all I feel all I am

is real,

is the truth

whether i wan’t to face it or not

This is Reality

I am seen
I am heard
I have feeling
I show emotion
I cry, I scream
I even smile
I know the truth
I am forced to face the truth
I lived in reality
This Is My Life

Mutual Respect

Care and understanding and understanding of
honoring a position is mutual respect. Considering not lacking or pertaining
to a higher intelligence to a handler to hinder of confidence
and surrender bold but not daring.


To uphold onset and offset of idealism.
Pertaining to what a man’s word is.
And my word is my word, either be verbally or signed on a dotted line,
it is a done deal.

Mutual Respect.

To self description may it be action or will it be of characteristics of a man
own deed defining ego or detain by estrogen to mean to find but to up
hold the concept of the power of authority.
Surrendering to mutual respect. To consume the question,
how does one man handle good business?

Mutual Respect.

To credit not the owner but yet the brand.
But to install the fundamental values of success and creating.
To uphold the right of the company and its brand.
For the better of the workforce, put not of self but the right
of the brand itself is a true understanding of a typhoon of

Mutual Respect.

Found it in many of cloth of becoming the name and brand,
a compound with of interest transcend to the peacemaker
hand cuts trends to find better quality of affection of higher existing of deed
of grade and pay and entitlement of age.

Mutual Respect

Consisting of belief of quality of good business,
withholding of perch of understanding of class
but that of a gentlemen attire. What does one consider his self of position of leave?

Mutual Respect.

Trust and believe were started such compassion and tone
and defer of outcome of a deed. Consider what I speak, humble of sue,
and time of a situation. How to understand great work that makes great effort.
Now giving good time and good faith in the blessings of god,
I write such a memo to myself.

Mutual Respect

If indeed, put in position, for corporate or franchise,
may I remind myself the feeling of unemployment, the status quo,
to trend or respect to employees of employed to know what is

Mutual Respect.

May this be the rule of engagements of what I consist
of good standards of good business.

Mutual Respect



on the edge overseeing
my eyes drift into the horizon of shades of green
my mind follows as i begin to become deep in thought
a reoccurring current of air brushes against my body
uneasing the tension that has been built up
the tension of others telling me I cant do something
the tension of meeting the standards of others
but slowly the tension eases as i sit
looking in between every crevasse of every point that my eyes can grasp on
as i sit
the comforting sound waves of peace inhale within my ear drum
spreading its contagious ways through every inch of my bloodstream
its a unusual disease
that brings my body to a point of relaxation
a special moment
one that i cannot find just anywhere
one that builds a obstacle to thoughts of despair and negativity
and my mind becomes free to the possibilities i can accomplish
its beautiful
a place that allows my dead dreams to grow
an empowering moment that breaks the barriers so aspirations once again flow
the world sometimes can feel like it is just trying to tear you down
and bring you to your knees until you are begging for it all to be over
but here
in what seems like an unworldly place
no one is here to bring me down
finally my head is held high
to explore the highest points of the atmosphere
this place gives me hope
to the things i am capable of
because as I look up to the sky I see no limit
but a starting point to the universe that is waiting to be explored onwards

Summer Midnight Moon

Setting at night,

Through ghostly clouds,

Moving giving comfort

To all

Sleeping and dreaming of monsters,

Fairy-tales and sweet dreams.

Moon so silent, gentle

In the skies,

Joyful at being the one,

To watch over all,

Except over the suns territory,

They do swaps…

The brilliance of the white light,

The cheese up in the sky,

So peaceful to sit under,

The starry sky gazing at the moon,

In the night-time dew in the grass,

drinking a glass of cold milk

Taking the ‘cheers’ to the moon,

For the light and beauty,

The loveliness about the moon,

For in this poem nothing bad is said,

The moons brilliance, relaxing the dead…

Through the winter midnight strikes,

The moon shines to all extent,

The clouds wearing sunglasses to see the moon,

Never to block its rays,

To shine bright

to give light to the summer midnights

Camp Olympia 2014

Camp Olympia yet again was another amazing weekend. From the bonds I got to build to the new people I met at the leadership weekend this experience was more than positive. All the hard work we put in came out there and people really notice the leaders at our school. It made me proud to be apart of BPJPII’s squad and Im so glad I decided to try my luck again this year. This is my 6th time going and so this being my last year I tried to make the best out of it. Leaving Camp O was quite a bittersweet feeling. I know this is my last year I will be able to at ten Camp O and because of it I was happy to be apart of it but sad to not be able to ever have these experiences again. A big part of preparing for Camp O myself was the Camp Olympia video. It literally felt like it took forever to finish. Lots of tension and problems came up but eventually everything came into place. Our video squad really gave it there all and for this the video turned out to be really good. So good we won the video award at Camp O. Winner the award at the end of the weekend was such a great last feeling to have. Over the years of Camp Olympia I can see I have further developed a whole lot. I am so blessed to be able to take the experiences from Camp O with me onwards and use the lessons they have taught me throughout my life. Now Camp O is over but it will never be forgotten.

Memories of time

taking you across
my time spans
happy moments
beautiful places
in my life places

I wanted to share
with someone
but never found
that someone…
that special someone

that unique someone
lost from my universe
sought star searched
shadow soulmate
lifetime missing…

to share
heart felt
soul shared

time spinning
stretching back
reaching back
into realms past
into spent life…

dusty sandy
beach roads
dusty sandy
windy lonely
fresh breezy

beach roads
or summer hot
sand sun baked
still air shimmering hot
power out onto tidal mud flats

riding off road
on trail bikes
riding in the sun
riding without roads

free freedom riding
riding without limitations
sun shining summer days
racing linked shadows
racing summer winds

swimming in rivers
swimming in lakes
swimming at different beaches
swimming in rivers lakes beaches
fresh cool water or salt spray

different ages of sparkling me
sparks breezing far seeing eyes
behold I offer treasured experiences
in my cupped hands best experiences
wine of my lips taste distilled experiences…

different ages of me
when I was innocent young
you can wear jeans dresses
a bikini in different places
whatever you wanted to

watching the light play over you
watching water splash around you
watching ocean waves wash around you
while my eyes laugh bright beach smile
with nature flowing electric through me

bonfire on the beach at night
stars that moved bewitched me
blazing illuminated flickering light
backdrop against black velvet night
if you wanted you could kiss me

enter my heart transcendent soul
watch you wake in breath morning
fall asleep beside me in entwined night
put on your makeup in contentment shining
comb your hair by soft daylight or night light…

dress in a t-shirt
bra panties naked
or not knowing
I am near you
watching you

with love that gives
shares kindness creativity
move through dreams
share my poems yours
share ideas thoughts

like exploratory tongues
eager to explore dew depths
of mind soul being merging
we are timeless souls voyaging
hearts minds eternally entwining…